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The Ballet Aviv Dance Crew - Ages 8 and Up

The Ballet Aviv Dance Crew program is designed for dancers ages 8 and up that have decided to pursue their dance training beyond a recreational level by improving their technique and skills through additional training and performance/service opportunities.    


The Ballet Aviv Dance Crew is for those students who are not yet ready for or cannot commit to rehearsing, performing, or competing, but still want to be part of the team.  Members are invited to attend all events, performances, workshops, and competitions, but will not perform or compete with The Ballet Aviv Company Performance and Competition Team.  With special permission, Dance Crew Members may be able to perform solos in the Year-End Production.

Students who wish to be a part of The Ballet Aviv Dance Crew will need to try-out.  

Auditions and Try-Outs are held annually, and Ballet Aviv Dance Crew members have a required schedule of classes to attend.




Ages 8-10 (Not yet en Pointe)

  • 2 Ballet Technique Classes

  • 2 Electives (choose from Jazz/Jazz Funk, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, and/or Hip Hop)

Ages 10 and up (en Pointe)

  • 2 Ballet Technique Classes

  • 1 Pointe Class

  • 1 Elective Class

Annual Membership Fee
  • $175
Company Suit
  • $150

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