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Why Choose Ballet Training?

Did you know….

… Children that receive serious ballet training learn to develop important life skills?   

Job and College applicants that have received ballet training in their younger years are more desired?  

… Serious ballet training is also necessary for dancers to be successful in other

dance genres as well? 

... Ballet Training creates an appreciation for Arts and Culture.

….Dancing in general increases cognitive acuity at all ages. 

Exercise: A love of any dance from an early age can help motivate kids to stay active and get daily exercise as they grow into adults.  Ballet training specifically improves physical health by providing a great form of exercise by improving flexibility, balance, stamina, and by developing long, lean, and strong muscles.  

Social and Cognitive Development: Ballet training can help enhance emotional development, encourage socialization and cognitive ability. Dancing integrates several brain functions at once — kinesthetic, rational, musical, and emotional — further increasing your neural connectivity (  Memory and cognitive ability is improved by memorizing choreography. Ballet training helps build self-confidence with each challenge children practice and master, and it also helps children to develop interpersonal skills.  In choreographed pieces, dancers must learn to work in a group setting as a team, by communicating, working hard, being patient, and at times leading. 


Discipline: Ballet training requires a tremendous amount of discipline.   Students learn to be responsible as they must commit to regular schedule, arrive fully prepared with uniform, on time,  every time. They learn that their work ethic affects the progress of the their entire group as well as their own progress.   They also learn time management by balancing their extra curricular commitments with those of school and family.

Perseverance:  Ballet training teaches children that it is ok to try, fail, and try again.  They learn it is ok to ask for help and that by accepting and desiring constructive critiques the dancers can make improvements.  The sense of accomplishment that they receive once they master a difficult movement, will train them to press through other challenges life may bring.  


Ballet is the foundation of all other dance forms: The skills learned in ballet are useful for other forms of dancing like tap or jazz if children want to take that up later. Serious ballet training is necessary for dancers to be successful in other dance genres.  


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