Class Descriptions


Ballet is the basic foundation for most forms of dance.


Technique developed in ballet translates to values that can be used to pursue other forms of dance.  Ballet technique is very specific and requires practice and dedication to improve. Because of this, the qualities of discipline and dedication translate themselves to other areas of life like work and school.   Additional benefits of ballet include improving posture, Improving balance and flexibility, diminishing the likelihood of injury in sports, and other dance forms, increased agility, and the ability to develop and train different parts of the brain to problem solve in order to perform the movements necessary in time to the music!


Encompasses many different urban dance styles such as poppin’, locking, breaking as well as freestyle movement to give students the opportunity to develop their own sense of style. Our Hip Hop classes teach rhythm, coordination, musicality and choreography without suggestive music or movements. Students are challenged to think on their feet while enjoying an energetic and fast-paced dance class. Our Hip Hop dancers develop focus, strength, and agility while having fun. This is an excellent class for high-energy kids who want to take a fast and fun dance class.


Lyrical dance is a fusion of ballet, modern, and jazz dance techniques.  Lyrical dance inspires dancers to use movement to interpret music and express emotion rather than have a more presentational quality. A song's lyrics are the driving force and key inspiration for each movement. Dance acrobatics skills and tricks will also be worked on in these classes.


Contemporary classes blend elements of Contemporary and Modern dance, such as freedom of expression, interpretation of music, principles of fall and recovery, control, balance and contraction/release. Teachers incorporate an eclectic blend of contemporary and post-modern movement into their classes. Modern and Contemporary Dance forms allow students to explore their individual dance style outside of the structure of traditional ballet and jazz classes.


Musical Theatre Classes are upbeat and exciting choreography and show-stopping stage presence with a focus on on applying and bringing together the disciplines of singing, acting, and dancing, to create an effective presentation. This class helps all students get out of their comfort zone and learn how to use their artistry and performance to their best potential. Each semester, the Musical Theatre classes strengthen these elements by selection Broadway repertoire, interpreting it both musically and dramatically, then creating staging and choreography for performance. The Musical Theatre classes explore a diversity of rehearsal tools and techniques in pursuit of a dynamic and authentic performance.  This class is also a fun way of building confidence in students of all ages. We have seen kids overcome shyness, build social skills, and even enjoy public speaking which are all skills that are beneficial for life. 


Jazz classes combine kicks, leaps, jumps, turns, body placement, strong/sharp movements, performance of facial expression, and proper technique. In addition to learning fun, choreographed combinations, Students in this class gain a stronger ability to pick up choreography, enhance their height of jumps, and increase their turns.


Tap classes and lots of fun and focus on basic through advanced (level appropriate) tap steps and combinations which builds, coordination, foot work, rhythm, musicality, and so much more.

 PRIVATE COACHING                   

Private lessons are perfect to catch the student up on something they are struggling with or to push the student to go further than their class. Private lessons are like tutors, it is a great way to allow the teacher to focus on the individual child needs and help build up their weaknesses. This is also a great way to build confidence in the student.

 YAGP COACHING                   

YAGP Coaching is for students who wish to pursue a strong dance career. If they are looking for be a professional student or become a professional dancer, YAGP coaching is to train the student to compete in the Youth America Grand Prix competition (ballet olympics).


Boys Classes of all dance genres are offered. Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Contemporary, and Conditioning.


Conditioning and Stretch Classes are designed to strengthen and stretch each dancer to improve their technique and overall physical fitness. It is absolutely imperative that dancers are strong, physically fit, and able to endure the rigors of dance performance. A conditioning regime allows dancers the opportunity to strengthen their bodies to compliment their technical and stylistic dance training and prevent injuries.

Conditioning typically includes: Cardiovascular Exercises, Flexibility Exercises, Strength Exercises, Core/Abdominal Work, and Arm/ Back/Leg Work. Stretching will include but not limited to splits, extensions, back flexibility, and leg flexibility.

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