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COVID-19 Fall 2020

Lobby – The lobby will be closed until it is deemed safe to reopen.

- Dancers and parents must wait in the car or outside until the class time and only dancers and staff will be allowed in the building.

An instructor will be at the studio door to receive the students for class and to dismiss the students after.

Masks - Instructors, staff, and Students (over age 8) are required by the State and Parish to wear masks.

- Students with a medical condition are exempt, but must email the office to notify.

- Students must wear mask while entering and exiting the building and when proper distancing is not possible.

- Students may remove the mask while dancing in proper distancing.

- Students must have a mask on his or her person at all times.

Sanitation - We have a cleanliness/sanitizing protocol ready to go.

- Class times will be adjusted a few minutes in order to sanitize all equipment and floors in between classes.

Sick Students - Students will not be allowed in the building if he or she is not feeling well, even if it is presumed to be

allergies or some other common ailment.

- If a student or family member is not feeling well, please do not bring the student to class - he or she should not come to

class and instead continue with Zoom Classes.


- All classes will be conducted as usual with proper distancing protocols when possible.

- In the event of a community shutdown or pull back to Phase1, the studio will transition classes to ZOOM at the

regular time.

- All students are require to participate in ZOOM classes for continuity of training and to keep up with the pace of

the class.

- Regular Tuition rates will apply and Tuition will be charged on the normal schedule.

- Students are required dress as they would for classes at the studio - with hair in up and in their uniform.

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