Recital Info 2020

Conservatory of Ballet Aviv RECITAL Information 

Information on our 2021 Year-End Production will be out in a few months! 



Our Year-End Production will be held the evening of  *Thursday, June 18* at the Mahalia Jackson Theatre For The Performing Arts in New Orleans



Divided into two payments due February 15th and March 15th, The Recital Fee of $135.00 per student and is due by March 15th and will be automatically debited from your account in two payments of $67.50 per student.   This fee covers all performance costs associated with the production: stage, sound, and lighting technicians, auditorium rental, security, janitorial, etc. 





CLASS ATTENDANCE IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.  The choreography for the Production will be rehearsed in class. Therefore, students are expected to attend ALL prescribed classes. Our classes and lessons taught are vital toward the outcome of the production. We will be working hard in class with choreography, and absences will inhibit the progress of the group.


Because of this, absences during this season (after January 15, 2020) are disrespectful to fellow students and faculty.  Therefore, more than 3 absences without a medical excuse (ie. Illness, injury, etc.) or pre-approval by the Directors (example: approval for mandatory school events or unavoidable work functions) after January 15th, 2020 could result in dismissal from the Production and no refund will be granted.


  • In Studio Dress Rehearsal will be during the student’s class time the week of May 18th.  More details will be handed out regarding this rehearsal closer to the performance.  This is a mandatory rehearsal and all students must be in costume, full hair and makeup, along with the appropriate tights and shoes - as if they were to perform that day on stage.


  • Stage Rehearsal will be held on Wednesday, June 17th at Mahalia Jackson.  The Regular class schedule will NOT take place this week at the usual time at the studio**, as the students will have their class on stage at the designated time (see below).  Each class will be given a specific arrival time for rehearsal.    


*The Stage Rehearsal week’s classes will all take place on stage during prescribed stage time.  Regular class times will not be held at the studio this week .  ** (Monday students will have class at the studio on June 15th in addition to their stage time.) 




Parent and Family volunteers are ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for the production to be successful. 

"No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it." ~ H.E. Luccock


ALL parents are expected to volunteer, in some capacity, with COBA’s Year-End Production or opt to pay a fee of $50 to cover cost of replacement help. [DUE April 1st] 


  • Backstage help with Pre-Primary/Primary/Level I/Level 2/Level 3 are the areas of greatest need. We ask for a cooperation of mothers/family to volunteer. 


Please look for SignUp Genius email to sign up as a volunteer.




Photography Day

Photography Day will be held Sunday, April 5th at The Conservatory of Ballet Aviv Studio.  Katharine Bentz will be at the studio taking photos!   Please be checking your email for a SignUp Genius Link to schedule your appointment time.



Awards Night

Will be held in COBA Studio on Friday, June 5th and Friday, June12th. 

Student Award time and day  will be in alphabetical order by last name.


  • June 5th

    • Last name A-D 6:00-7:00PM​

    • Last Name E-L 7:00-8:00PM

  • June 12th

    • Last name M-R 6:00-7:00PM​

    • Last Name S-Z 7:00-8:00PM


Recital Ad Program Book and Contest  (Please see Flipbook Above)


Participation in the Program Book and Ad Contest Purchasing is optional.  It is a way to preserve the memory for your dancer!

Each family is encouraged to support their dancer by buying or selling an ad that can include a picture, words of wisdom, best wishes, or congratulations. Ask your family, friends, grandparents, aunts, uncles and local businesses to sponsor a picture page for your dancer.  Students can be pictured together with a fellow dancer and the families can share the expense. Students can also purchase more than one ad.  Everyone should be a part!  The dancers keep these into adulthood as sentimental yearbooks!


The book will be professionally prepared for our 2019/2020 school year.  It will list all dances and every performer in each dance, as well as information about our school, Competition Team, award information, and more. It also contains a summary of highlights from the past year at the studio,  lots of photos, and a page for the autographs of your favorite dancers.


Within the program book, advertising pages are offered for sale (priced by size). This is where local businesses and parents who own their own business can hit their target markets; or parents, relatives, and friends, can wish the dancers well.



The students that sell $500 or more get special pictures trophies and Advance Ticket Sales and $1500 or more receive  their picture on the Front Cover and Last Page of Recital Book. 




AD SIZES AND PRICES (Students that sell more than $500 receive special awards. Please see below.)

*Picture Spot only (Photo by Katharine Bentz)

- $50 (before April 15th, $75 after)

- Included Free with Full Page Ad

*1/8 page (Business card size)



*1/4 page (Photo can be added)



*1/2 page (Photo can be added)



*Full Page Ad (Photo can be added) 



*Inside Back Cover  (See below for students that sell more than $750)



*Inside Front Cover (See below for students that sell more than $1000)



*Outside Back Cover (See below for students that sell more than $1500)


Special Options

OPTION #1  Picture Spot


($75 after April 15th)


If you purchase a portrait picture spot in the 2020

book, your student will also be pictured in class picture(s) free.

OPTION #2  Business Card Ad



Business Card Ad

OPTION #3   Quarter Page Ad


Quarter Page Ad allows:

Text and dancer’s photo on ad,

 as well as class picture(s)Free.


OPTION #4  Half Page Ad   


Half  Page Ad allows:

Text and dancer’s photo on ad,

 as well as class picture(s)Free.


OPTION #5  Full Page Ad


8x10 Full Page Ad allows:

Text and dancer’s photo on ad, class picture(s)free, and free portrait picture spot in 2020 book.



$500 or above

IN ADDITION TO THE ABOVE - 3rd Choice ADVANCE TICKET SALES, special photos in the book, and free recital t-shirt.


$750 or above 

IN ADDITION TO THE ABOVE - 2nd Choice ADVANCE TICKET SALES, Picture in Front Inside Cover or First Page of Recital Book, and free recital t-shirt.


$1000 or up

IN ADDITION TO THE ABOVE - 1st Choice ADVANCE TICKET SALES, free t-shirt, and ad recognition trophy, -Picture in Front Inside Cover or if over $1500,  cover of Recital Book.




Students that sell $500 or more receive:

-Special Trophy

-3rd Choice Priority Seating.  (Purchase the seat of your choice online before the others)

Students that sell $750 or more receive:

-Picture in Front Inside Cover or First Page of Recital Book. 

-Special Trophy

-2nd Choice Priority Seating.  (Purchase the seat of your choice online before the others)

Students that sell $1500 or more receive:

-Picture in Front Cover and Last Page of Recital Book. 

-2 page spread in program book featuring the student which includes a 8x10 photo and up to 5 photos. 

-Group photo with other top ad winners

-Interview with student to be featured with recital footage.

-Special Trophies and awards

-1st Choice Priority Seating.  (Purchase the seat of your choice online before the others)



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