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Ballet Aviv

Ballet Aviv has been a major part in our lives for the last 10 years. Christina and Katie have done so much for my daughter. They have been such positive role models for her. It has always been important to send her to a place that has strong convictions about the way the girls present themselves. They teach them that with modest costumes and tasteful dance moves.
I have witnessed them go out of their way to mentor and encourage my daughter, as well as the other students in a positive and loving manner. It is evident they not only care about the dancer they are becoming, but the person as well. I appreciate the way they continue to challenge and push my daughter without ever breaking her spirit. They are firm and expect their best, but it is communicated in a positive way. They pour everything into this school to make it the strongest and best dance school possible. I have never questioned in 10 years if this is the right dance school for my daughter. The northshore is very fortunate to have Ballet Aviv.

-Robin Allison (Student: Lauren Allison)


COBA has been part of our daughter’s journey for 5 years. During these years, COBA has inspired a strong, beautiful, passionate, happy spirit in our daughter.

Katie and Christina are highly qualified ABT teachers and have years of experience as both dancers and dance instructors. They share their love and appreciation for the art of dance with their students and their families in a positive atmosphere.

Our daughter looks up to all her dance teachers and does as they instruct. COBA dance teachers have been wonderful to our daughter. They not only teach her dance, but they also nurture her heart.

I trust COBA with our daughter. It’s hard to let go but I know in my heart that COBA is going to do the best they can to help our daughter reach her goals. I may not understand every decision or technique that each teacher uses, but I’m willing to accept that COBA teachers know what they are doing and I give them my confidence, trust and respect.
From our experience, COBA makes decisions based upon what will be best for the studio at large and the majority of the students, I know that COBA is doing their best, no matter how impossible, to keep everyone happy.

I have also met wonderful parents who have whole heartily compromised, cooperated, and dedicated their time to help COBA especially during performances. I’m in awe of how we support and work with each other. They all have been very encouraging and wonderful with me and my daughter.

Every COBA performance I have seen has been jaw dropping. I get goose bumps and get so excited and find myself sitting at the edge of my seat. I’m very proud of all the dancers in COBA. They are really unbelievable. Their performances are like no other, That sophisticated level of performance can not be found in any other dance school in our area. I’m very proud and honored that our daughter attends COBA.

We are looking forward to the ABT National Training Program starting next week.

-Nolie Rountree  (Student: Noelle Rountree)


My daughter has trained at COBA for 10 years now. She began dancing here when she was 3 years old and plans to continue until she graduates. I have watched my daughter transform as a dancer under the care of the COBA staff. She absolutely loves it here. Katie and Christina Connell are excellent teachers/choreographers and are very passionate about teaching their students. COBA is family-owned and operated. They are also very family-orientated. The staff at COBA has become more than just teachers to my daughter. She trusts them and they are more like family.

-Brandy Tybussek (Student: Kayla Kuchler)


A Note from a Dad, 
The Directors Katie and Christina Connell are recognized excellent choreographers, teachers and professional Dancers all over this World.  They bring not only their excellent teaching and professional skills, but a warmth and encouragement that inspires the students to be their best. Dance Training ages 3 on up you will see the development of your child, becoming a young man or woman, confident, with an inner maturity brought on by faith, love of dance and teamwork.  

Ballet Aviv a growing Recognized School, The Dancers of Ballet Aviv have won awards held for young dancers.  The children love the experience of competition with other schools.  The parents of football players have nothing on the Moms and Dads watching their children compete against other Dance Schools.  Also, Watching your child perform on stage at Roussel Hall, Loyola University is a yearly thrill for all. 

Watch your child proudly as they grow into an adult, strong both physically and emotionally.  No matter if they continue as a professional dancer or into any other field in life.  As the years go by, They will always remember the training, companionship and love of Dance they shared in these informative years, thru Ballet Aviv. 

With Love and a Big Thank You, Ballet Aviv


-Frank J. Dioguardi (Student: Carissa Dioguardi)


I have danced at the Conservatory of Ballet Aviv since the age of 9 in 2005 all the way up until July of 2015. Having danced at COBA for ten years, I can say I have loved my whole experience there. Honestly, the only reason I am not continuing to dance here is because I am moving away for college.

To begin, the dance training is absolutely superb. The artistic directors, Katie Connell and Christina Connell, teach students to reach beautiful perfection in technique and artistry. The dance training can be challenging, but they positively push dancers to be the best they can become. I have excelled in my accomplishments solely because of Ms. Katie and Ms. Christina's endearing commitment to my artistic training. They dedicate each of their lives to create exquisite dancers who will be able to position themselves for their future. Ms. Katie and Ms. Christina have comforted me through tough times in my dance career as well as my personal life. They developed a relationship with me that I will take on throughout life, and I know I am still able to trust them anytime in the future.

Not only is the dance training of the highest of levels, the atmosphere is very encouraging and inviting. I have made lifelong friends at the studio. All of the dancers help each other while enjoying the fun and excitement of dancing. Although the teachers are very serious when it comes to teaching, none of them are opposed to having some fun. I have had many memorable moments in the studio from laughing at something funny, while I still am able to continue perfecting my dancing abilities.

Classical ballet is the main teaching at COBA, however, other genres of dance are taught. Because of my high level of training in ballet, the other types of dance come easier and allow me focus on certain aspects of that genre instead of the technique. I have thoroughly enjoyed jazz, contemporary, musical theatre, hip hop, tumbling, and conditioning classed at the Conservatory of Ballet Aviv.

To conclude, I highly recommend the Conservatory of Ballet Aviv to dancers who want that professional environment with highly trained teachers, as well as an encouraging atmosphere from fellow dancers and dedicated directors. I am so blessed to have danced at COBA because of all the amazing experiences I will always remember and relationships I have formed. I am very thankful for all the invested time and hard work Ms. Katie and Ms. Christina give to the studio and each dancer. They really want everyone to succeed in the art of dance, while still allowing everyone to enjoy their time at COBA.

Thank you Ms. Katie and Ms. Christina for everything you both have done for me throughout my years at the Conservatory of Ballet Aviv.

Much Love,

-Alyssa Huber  (Student: Alyssa Huber)

Photos: Katharine Bentz

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